Fitnow weather policy

Cancellations and notification Process


It is my policy to keep everyone safe in extreme weather conditions. This is our weather policy.

Snow & Ice

We need to allow salt trucks and snow removal folks to do their jobs to clear the roads and parking lots. While I take exercise and fitness very serious, I take your safety even more serious. Therefore, if it looks like the roads are going to be bad at 5:00am (or any other time of the day) and there is any measurable accumulation of snow and/or ice, chances are good that classes will be cancelled. I don't want anyone getting into an accident on the way to class.  Also, if schools and businesses are delayed or closed because of snow & ice, then we will likely be closed.  In addition, the property management companies who own the buildings we lease, prefer that we not have any cars in the parking lot prior to 7:00am so that they can do their job to remove snow.  They will not plow the parking lots if there are too many cars.

If we do close, I will try to give you a 30-minute workout you can do on your own in the warmth of your own home. If roads and parking lots have been cleared from an overnight snowfall, then evening classes may still be held. See the notification plan below for updates.

Extreme Cold or Extreme Heat

In the winter, if temperatures are expected to be sub-zero degrees with windchill temperatures below -10 degrees F, we will most likely cancel classes, especially morning classes. 

In summer months, because our gyms are not air conditioned, we may cancel classes if the heat index is above 90-degrees F.  This would most likely affect any mid-morning or evening classes.


There are several ways that I try to give you enough advanced warning.  I will make the decision on any delays or closings at least 30 minutes prior to the start of any class.

Text Notification:The fastest way to be notified is by SMS Text Messaging.  To be placed on our text notification system, please text: FitNow  to: 84483     You will receive a confirmation email from "RainedOut" that you are on the text distribution list.

Website: Another way is to check the fitnowbootcamp.com website.  In the upper right corner, you will see a box that says, "Class Cancellations or Delays"  If this box is GREEN, then everything is okay. I will also post information in this box.  If the box is YELLOW, then be on alert that I am watching the weather closely and we could have cancellations in the next 24 hours or so.  If the box is RED, then class is delayed or, most likely, cancelled.

Social Media: I will send a tweet out through Twitter that will also post on my personal Facebook page.  I will also provide a status update on my FitNow Boot Camp Facebook page.




Email:  Email is a little tricky.  Because I use a contact management program, emails may take between 5-30 minutes to be released from the server.  Therefore, if make the decision to close by 4:30am, you might not receive the email until 5:00am.  For those of you attending the 5:00am class, I would not rely on email to get notification of any closings.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME OR TEXT ME!  I can't guarantee that I can answer a call or respond to a text from 100+ people at 4:30 a.m.  I will be focused on getting the updates onto the website, social media and email.

Again, I always want to be proactive and error on the side of caution in inclement weather!