Currently, we offer the following programs...

fitnow boot camp

FitNow Boot Camp is our flagship program that helps participants improve their overall fitness and reach specific fitness and weightloss goals in a short period of time by participating in 30-minute boot camp sessions.  For more information, CLICK HERE!

Beginner Boot Camp
Our Beginner Boot Camp is the only one of it's kind in the area.  In fact, it's one of the only TRUE beginner boot camp programs anywhere!  Why, because most gyms and programs go after a very small percentage of the population - the segment that is already fit.  If you don't believe me, look at their advertising.  What kide of people do they show in their ads? PEOPLE WHO ARE YOUNG AND FIT!  This 12-week program helps the "un-fit" learn how to exercise and eat healthy while providing accountability.  When you have all three of these... you have an 85% chance of reaching your fitness goals! For more information, CLICK HERE!

Private Personal Training
While our group fitness programs are open and inviting to all individuals, we understand that some folks feel intimidated to work out in a group or they just want to focus on themselves.  So, we offer one-on-one private fitness training.  These 30- or 60-minute sessions will be customized to your abilities and fitness goals.  These sessions provide you with the knowledge to be able to work out on your own, outside of the sessions.  Personal Training is not a subsitute for regular, daily exercise.

Semi-Private Group Training - Coming Soon!

If you like group training but want a more personalized experience, then Semi-Private Small Group Training may be for you.  Our small group times are scheduled around our boot camp programs and are limited to 4-5 participants.  You can gather a group of friends or just sign up for a session.  Semi-Private training is also more flexible and can scheduled between 7a-9a, 10a-4p and 7p-8p.  We hope to make this program available sometime in the Spring of 2015.