Contract Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions

Cancellation: 30 days written notice is required to cancel or suspend contracts that renew on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Payments will still be processed for any cancellations made within the 30-day cancellation window and the client will still have full access to classes based on their contract term during that 30-day period. For example, if a clients wishes to cancel their agreement on July 1st, they must submit their cancellation request prior to June 1st and stop/suspend a pending payment that will process on July 1st. If a cancellation request is submitted on June 4th, within 30 days, the July 1st payment will still process and client will still have the remainder of July to attend classes.

Suspension of Agreement: At the discretion of FitNow Enterprises, LLC, we may agree to suspend an agreement in extenuating circumstances such as a long-term illness, injury, job loss, etc. All suspension requests must be submitted in writing.

Account Credits: In some cases, and at the sole discretion of FitNow Enterprises, LLC, a credit, with certain conditions, may be offered to a client for a limited time. That credit could be applied to similar or different program at a later time, specified in the terms and conditions offered at the time of the credit being issued.

Short Rate: If an agreement is cancelled prior to the end of its term, FitNow Enterprises, LLC will retroactively charge, bill and attempt to collect payment according to the laws of the State of Indiana for the difference in price of the lesser program and the client's agreed upon program. For example, if a client agrees on a 6-month agreement at a hypothetical price of $200/month but withdraws after just two months, the client will be charged the difference of the one-month price of $299 for two months, or $598. The difference due by the client would be $598-$400=$198. The client would be invoiced $198 as a short rate for not fulfilling their contract.